Shirley Matthews And Big Town Boys

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United Artists Rock And Roll

01  Rockin’ By Myself – Sammy Gowans
02  Kissin’ At The Drive-In – Sammy Gowans
03  Tear It Up – Chuck Wiley
04  Door To Door – Chuck Wiley
05  Shake Up The Dance – Chuck Wiley
06  Nashville Tennessee – Wendell Smith
07  It’s Up To You – Brien Fisher
08  Double Dating – Brien Fisher
09  Tiny Spaceman – Wes Bryan
10  My Sweet Verlene – Ronnie Brent
11  Everybody’s Got A Baby But Me – Warren Miller
12  Rock & Roll Age – The Four J’s
13  Be Nice Don’t Fight – The Four J’s
14  Johnny On The Spot – Hunt Stevens
15  If You Don’t Know – Hunt Stevens
16  Love Potion #9 – The Clovers
17  Tom Cattin’ – Russ Marlo
18  Let’s Go Baby – Billy Eldridge

Golden Classics – Sue Thompson

01  Norman
02  Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)
03  James (Hold The Ladder Steady)
04  Paper Tiger
05  Have A Good Time
06  Two Of A Kind
07  Willie Can
08  Nine Little Teardrops
09  Never Love Again
10  My Hero (That’s What You Are)
11  It Has To Be
12  If The Boy Only Knew
13  Angel Angel
14  What’s Wrong Bill
15  Suzie
16  Cause I Asked You To
17  Big Daddy
18  Bad Boy

Ricky Nelson ‎– More Songs By Ricky (LP 1960)



Ricky Nelson ‎– More Songs By Ricky (LP Imperial ‎– LP 9122, 1960).
Genre: Rock.
After following a musical line in Rockabilly, which Ricky Nelson loved, on this album ” More Songs by Ricky “, the singer changed his style and beat. This change was almost inevitable, since Johnny and Dorsey Burnette, who supplied the material to Nelson, launched their own solo careers and were less available to him. Without the Burnettes, Nelson returned to the music of his father, band leader Ozzie, making cover versions of songs like “Baby Will not You Please Come Home,” “I’d Climb the Highest Mountain,” “When Your Lover Has Gone “,” Time After Time “or” Again “, with arrangements that incorporated not only metals but also supporting strings and voices. It was actually a change from his previous recordings.
This LP peaked at number 18 on the US charts in 1960.
Eric Hilliard Nelson, best known for Ricky Nelson , a popular American rock and country singer and songwriter, was born in Teaneck, New Jersey, USA. It was the first rock idol whose success began as a child in radio and television shows.
At age 16, Ricky was America’s favorite teenager, but as he would later say, he would only know of his career as a Rock and Roll singer in 1957.
In 1954 he discovered Rockabilly from Memphis Records’s Sun Records, becoming a big fan of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and his greatest idol, Carl Perkins.
In 1964, he suffered the same fate as his contemporaries, with the British invasion in the United States, led by the Beatles. His career has declined.
His songs include “Hello Mary Lou” and “I’m Walking”, having sold 20 million albums. In the movies he participated in the movie “Rio Bravo”, next to John Wayne and Dean Martin, in 1959, then, idol of rock n ‘roll.
The singer died at age 45 in a plane crash on December 31, 1985.
Ricky Nelson ranks 20th overall on the Billboard chart, and ranks fifth in the 1950s, with 35 albums in the top 40, between 1957 and 1972.
The biography of this excellent singer is already inserted in this blog.
A1 I’m Not Afraid (F. Bryant) 2:35
A2 Baby Won’t You Please Come Home (C. Warfield, C. Williams) 2:10
A3 Here I Go Again (J. Berry, D. Covay) 2:13
A4 I’d Climb The Highest Mountain (L. Brown, S. Clare) 2:06
A5 Make Believe (K. Marie) 2:12
A6 Ain’t Nothin’ But Love (Baker Knight) 2:22
B1 When Your Lover Has Gone (E. A. Swan) 2:23
B2 Proving My Love (Baker Knight) 2:01
B3 Hey Pretty Baby (D. Burnette) 2:20
B4 Time After Time (S. Kahn, J. Styne) 2:11
B5 I’m All Through With Youm (Baker Knight) 2:44
B6 Again (D. Cochran, L. Newman) 1:50
C1 – Album Radio Spots 1:41


Track Listings

Disc: 1
1. Blessed
2. The Right Time
3. Good Day Sunshine
4. What A State I’m In
5. Here Comes My Baby
6. Gentlemen Of Pleasure
7. Silence Is Golden
8. Let Your Hair Hang Down
9. You
10. Shake Hands (And Come Out Crying)
11. When I’m With Her
12. Even The Bad Times Are Good
13. Jenny’s Alright
14. Be Mine
15. Suddenly Winter
16. Happy Song
17. Negotiations In Soho Square
18. I’m With You All the Way
19. Come On Home
20. Suddenly You Love Me
21. As You Are
22. Helule Helule
23. Girl From Nowhere
24. My Little Lady
25. All The World To Me
26. I Shall Be Released
27. I Miss My Baby
28. Hello World
29. Once On A Sunday Morning
Disc: 2
1. (Call Me) Number One
2. Instant Whip
3. By The Way
4. May Morning
5. Me And My Life
6. Yellow River
7. Long Road
8. Now’s The Time
9. Willow Tree
10. Right Wheel, Left Hammer, Sham
11. Hello Buddy
12. Too Late (To Be Saved)
13. I Like It That Way
14. Blue Suede Tie
15. Ride On
16. Make It, Break It
17. You Can’t Touch Sue
18. Do I Love You
19. Witchcraft
20. One Of The Boys
21. Sad Goodbye
22. Windows Are Nice
23. I’m Sorry
24. Lights of Port Royal
25. Words


The Girl Group Sound

01  The Boy From New York City – The Ad Libs
02  People Say – The Dixie Cups
03  You Don’t Know – Ellie Greenwich
04  Leader Of The Pack – The Shangri-Las
05  Good Night Baby – The Butterflys
06  I Can’t Let Go – Evie Sands
07  Iko Iko – The Dixie Cups
08  Go Now – Bessie Banks
09  The Kind Of Boy You Can’t Forget – The Jelly Beans
10  Gee Baby Gee – The Butterflys
11  Remember (Walkin’ In The Sand) – The Shangri-Las
12  He’s So Easy To Love – Roddie Joy
13  I Wanna Love Him So Bad – The Jelly Beans
14  The Dum Dum Diddy – The Goodies
15  Chapel Of Love – The Dixie Cups
16  I Wonder – The Butterflys
17  Baby Be Mine – The Jelly Beans
18  You Should Have Seen The Way He Looked At Me – The Dixie Cups
19  Big Bad World – Cathy Saint
20  Take Me For A Little While – Evie Sands
21  Give Him A Great Big Kiss – The Shangri-Las
22  Come Back Baby – Roddie Joy
23  Gee The Moon Is Shining Bright – The Dixie Cups
24  Baby – Ellie Greenwich
25  I Can Never Go Home Anymore – The Shangri-Las
26  Another Boy Like Mine – Ellie Greenwich
27  Do Wah Diddy – The Jelly Beans


01. Someday; 
02. Bless t he beasts and the children; 
03. Jezahel; 
04. And I love you so;

0 5. T he way of love; 
06. The first time ever I saw; 
07. Day by day; 
08. Without you; 
Ballad of the sad young men; 
10. I do not know how to love him; 
11. I ‘d do it all again ; 
12. If we only and have love; 

Bonus :
13. If I should love again ; 
14. Let me be the one.