White Plains

White Plains were a British pop music group, that existed from 1969 to 1976. They had an ever-changing lineup of musicians and five UK hit singles, all on the Deram Records label, in the early 1970s.White Plains evolved from the late 1960s pop/psychedelic band The Flower Pot Men, composed of Tony Burrows, Pete Nelson, and Robin Shaw together with Neil Landon (who went to Fat Mattress). The band was primarily a studio project led by John Carter.


Soul Is My Music 1 – Bobby Patterson

01  Then You’ll Know
02  Rainin’ In My Heart [demo Version]
03  I’m A Slave To You [demo Version]
04  Nobody But You [demo Version]
05  You Just Got To Understand
06  Till You Give In
07  If I Didn’t Have You
08  What’s Your Problem Baby
09  Long Ago
10  Let Them Talk
11  Soul Is Our Music
12  I’m Leroy, I’ll Take Her
13  Sock Some Lovin’ At Me
14  Broadway Ain’t Funny No More
15  I Met My Match
16  The Good Ol’ Days
17  Don’t Be So Mean
18  Sweet Taste Of Lovin’
19  Busy, Busy Bee
20  Trial Of Mary Maguire [first Version]

Pebbles Volume 4, “Summer Means Fun!”, V/A (LP 1979)


Pebbles Vol. 4, “Summer Means Fun!”, V/A (LP BFD Records ‎– BFD-5021, Series:
Pebbles, 1979).
Género: Surf, Rock ‘n’ Roll.
A1–Bruce and Terry – Summer Means Fun
A2–Fantastic Baggys – Anywhere The Girls Are
A3–The Four Speeds – R.P.M.
A4–Jan and Dean – Coke Ad
A5–The California Suns – Masked Grandma
A6–The Dantes – Top Down Time
A7–The Pyramids – Custom Caravan
A8–The Rivieras – California Sun “65”
A9–The Trashmen – New Generation
B1–The Survivors – Pamela Jean
B2–Gary Usher – Sacramento
B3–Sharon Marie – Thinkin’ ‘Bout You Baby
B4–The Knights – Hot Rod High
B5–The Wheel Men – School Is A Gas
B6–Lloyd Thaxton – Image Of A Surfer
B7–The City Surfers – Beach Ball
B8–Dave Edmunds – London’s A Lonely Town
B9–The Ragamuffins – The Fun We Had

Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps ‎– Bluejean Bop! (LP 1956)


Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps ‎– Bluejean Bop! (LP Capitol Records ‎– T-764, Ago.1956).
Produção: Ken Nelson.
Género: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly.
Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps.
A1 Bluejean Bop (Gene Vincent, Hal Levy)
A2 Jezebel (Wayne Shanklin)
A3 Who Slapped John (Gene Vincent, Sheriff Tex Davis)
A4 Ain’t She Sweet (Jack Yellen, Milton Ager)
A5 I Flipped (Bobbie Carrol)
A6 Waltz Of The Wind (Fred Rose)
B1 Jump Back, Honey, Jump Back (Hadda Brooks)
B2 That Old Gang Of Mine (Kahal, Fain, Raskin)
B3 Jumps, Giggles And Shouts (Gene Vincent, Sheriff Tex Davis)
B4 Up A Lazy River (Hoagy Carmichael, Sidney Arodin)
B5 Bop Street (Cliff Gallup, Sheriff Tex Davis)
B6 Peg O’ My Heart (Alfred Bryan, Fred Fisher)
Músicos Intervenientes/Personnel:
Voz e Guitarra – Gene Vincent
The Blue Caps:
Guitarra Solo – Galloping Cliff Gallup
Baixo – Jumpin’ Jack Neal
Bateria – Be-Bop Harrell
Guitarra Ritmo – Wee Willie Williams

Buddy Knox ‎– Buddy Knox (LP 1957)


Buddy Knox ‎– Buddy Knox (LP Roulette ‎– R-25003, Junho de 1957), acompanhado pela banda The Rhythm Orchids.
Género: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Rockabilly.
A1 Party Doll (Knox, Bowen) 2:12
A2 Don’t Make Me Cry (Knox, Lanier) 2:23
A3 Rock House (Jenkins, Orbison) 1:51
A4 Rock-A-Billy Walk (Instrumental) (Alldred, Lanier) 2:15
A5 Devil Woman (Knox) 2:08
A6 Rock Your Little Baby To Sleep (Knox) 2:15
B1 Hula Love (Knox) 2:18
B2 Mary Lou (Buddy Knox) 2:20
B3 Maybelline (Freed, Berry, Fratto) 1:50
B4 ‘Cause I’m In Love (Kirshner, Rogers) 1:50
B5 Rock Around The Clock (DeKnight, Freedman) 1:55