It Hurts To Be 16 – Andrea Carroll

01  It Hurts To Be Sixteen
02  Why Am I So Shy
03  The Doolang
04  This Time Tomorrow
06  Play Me A Sad Song
06  The Boy I Used To Know
07  Gee Dad
08  The Charm On My Arm
09  Hey, Beach Boy
10  Why Should We Take The Easy Way Out
11  She Gets Everything She Wants
12  The World Isn’t Big Enough
13  Sally Fool
14  Mr  Music Man
15  I’ve Got A Date With Frankie
16  Young And Lonely
17  Please Don’t Talk To The Lifeguard
18  Room Of Memories
19  Only My Friend (Previously Unreleased)
20  Fifteen Shade’s Of Pink
21  Miss Happiness
22  This Time Tomorrow (Alternate Take by the Chiffons)
23  This Time Tomorrow (Demo)
24  When People Are Around