The Royalettes

01  It’s Gonna Take A Miracle
02  Poor Boy
03  Watch What Happens
04  You Bring Me Down
05  Yes, I’m Ready
06  Don’t You Cry
07  I Want To Meet Him
08  Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind
09  How Can You Face Me
10  Only When You’re Lonely
11  He’s Gone
12  Never Again
13  Baby, Are You Putting Me On
14  Love Without An End
15  Getting Through To Me
16  It’s A Big Mistake
17  Don’t Throw Me Away
18  Lonely Girl
19  I Don’t Want To Be The One
20  Shangri La
21  It’s Better Not To Know
22  Think Before You Act
23  Let Me Know When It’s Over
24  Forever More
25  The Rest Of My Life
26  Can’t Stop Running Away
27  An Affair To Remember
28  When Summer’s Gone
29  (He Is) My Man
30  Take My Love


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