Timi Yuro ‎– Soul! (LP 1962)


Timi Yuro ‎– Soul! (LP Liberty ‎– LRP 3212, 1962).
Production Clyde Otis.
Genre: Soul, Pop.
The singer Timi Yuro , whose name was Rosemary Timothy Yuro, born in one Chicago / Illinois (August 4, 1940 – 30th March 2004), began singing in her family’s restaurant, Italian origin. Around 1958/1959, She began her professional career and then recorded her first LP.
Her unmistakable voice meant that much of the American media and think that the singer was black, which was not true. One of his first recordings and great success “Hurt”, is considered to this day, the best vocal performance of all the singers of the ’60s in the United States. Timi, with clear influences of Soul and R’n’B, shared with Brenda Lee, the preference of Americans in the early 60s Yuro and managed several unmistakable hits like, “I’ll never fall in love again”, “Cry “” Smile “,” Hurt “or I`ll will be seeing you.” the golden period of her success was between 1961 to 1965 when the singer walked away from your audience. by solving return to the stage in the 80s to everyone’s surprise, was applauded by large audiences at concerts in the United States and Europe, where he toured and performed alongside Olivia Newton John and her good friend Willie Nelson.
At this time, the disease (cancer / cancer of the larynx) caused the singer to pull away and periodically had to undergo surgery and in those situations, even had to remove the larynx. From there, the presentations casinos and grand hotels, in addition to contractors shows had to be canceled but the singer passed away shortly after, on March 30, 2004, in Las Vegas.
A1 Be Anything (But Be Mine) 2:23
A2 A Lovely Way To Spend An Evening 2:30
A3 If I Had You 2:23
A4 There Goes My Heart 2:20
A5 Stardust 3:22
A6 You Belong To My Heart 2:05
B1 If I Didn’t Care 2:21
B2 Then I’ll Be Tired Of You 2:18
B3 Nothing In The World (Could Make Me Love You More Than I Do) 2:53
B4 Don’t Take Your Love From Me 2:27
B5 Once In A While 2:30
B6 Somewhere Along The Way 3:25