Donovan – Sunshine Superman [1966]

Donovan – Sunshine Superman [1966]
Band: English
Producer: Mickie Most
Band Formation : Donovan, Jimmy Page, Eric Ford, John Cameron, Hatley Peak, Bobby Orr, Tony Carr and John Paul Jones.
Billboard Position: # 1 ° Position
60’s Hotel: Donovan Philips Leitch (usually called only Donovan) (born May 10, 1946) is a British musician. Emerging from the English folk scene, Donovan became famous after a series of presentations on TV shows. His success initially was restricted to the UK, but after signing with American Epic Records and joining forces with producer Mickie Most, he developed an eclectic and successful style that incorporated folk, jazz, pop, psychedelic and world music.
Donovan quickly became one of the most famous and popular British artists of his time, producing a series of successes between 1966 and 1970. He also became close friend of the Beatles, being one of the few to collaborate in his songs. Donovan’s fame began to fade after he split from Most in 1969, and although he continued to play during the 1970s and 1980s, his calm musical style and hippie image became severely criticized, especially after Of the rise of punk rock.
Sunshine Superman and considered alongside Revolver (The Beatles), the early tracks of Psychedelic culture, with its calm style opened genres such as Psych Folk, Psychedelic Pop and Why It Was … (Labels). Since they like labels so much !!! I say Donovan plus was the British Dylan with the most serious voice. Joking aside, Sunshine Superman has a hallucinogenic atmosphere out of a dense view of a kaleidoscope. Outstanding for great production, the great musicians who will participate and the sound engineering is perfect, fact that not all records of the time did not count with so competent sound engineers.
Sunshine Superman began to be produced in December 1965 and was released on July 1st, 1966, by EMI London, having a great reception of reviews and sales.