Brill Building Legends: Complete Recordings 1958-1966 – Carole King

Volume 1 
01 Oh, Neil
02 (Living My Life) For The Love Of A Girl – with Gerry Goffin
03 It Might As Well Rain Until September
04 Look Who’s Talkin’
05 Under The Stars
06 Disappointed
07 Crying In The Rain
08 He Takes Good Care Of Your Baby
09 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
10 Samson And Delilah – with Gerry Goffin
11 Short Mort
12 In My Baby’s Eyes
13 Baby Sittin’
14 Same Old Reliable Me
15 He’s A Bad Boy
16 A Wonderful Dream
17 Oh! Oh! It Started All Over Again
18 Take Good Care Of My Baby
19 School Bells Are Ringing
20 Dreamin’ About You
21 Nobody’s Perfect
22 Carole (by Gerry Goffin)
23 A Very Special Boy
24 How Many Tears
25 I Can’t Behave Myself
26 Walkin’ With My Angel
27 Another Night With The Boys
28 We Grew Up Together
29 Nothing Is Impossible (by Tina Robin)

Volume 2
01 Right Girl
02 Even If I Wanted To
03 Queen Of The Beach
04 Boomerang (by Tina Robin)
05 I’ve Got Nothing Left Written (by Tina Robin)
06 Nothing’s Impossible (by Tina Robin)
07 Dear Mr. D.J.Play It Again (by Tina Robin)
08 I Didn’t Have Any Summer Romance
09 There Goes My Lover
10 Some Of Your Lovin’
11 Loved, Loved, Loved
12 Once A Fool, Always A Fool (by Gerry Goffin)
13 Goin’ Wild
14 Sixteen Cubes Of Sugar (with Bernie Knee)
15 Your Letter Will Kiss Me Goodnight – with Bernie Knee
16 That’s What I Call True Love – with Bernie Knee
17 Deep In My Heart
18 A Road To Nowhere
19 The Sheik – with Gerry Goffin
20 A Million Tears Too Late – with Gerry Goffin
21 One Wonderful Night (by Honey Bees)
22 She Doesn’t Deserve You (by Honey Bees)
23 You Turn Me On Boy (by Honey Bees)
24 Some Of Your Lovin’ (by Honey Bees)
25 Make The Night A Little Longer (by Palisades)
26 You’re The Only One Who Understands Me (by Barry Mann)
27 Hey Little Play Girl (by Barry Mann)
28 (Let’s Have A) Private Party (by Barry Mann)