Boy Crazy – Little Peggy March

01 Hello Heartache, Goodbye Love
02 I Will Follow Him
03 I Wish I Were A Princess
04 Boy Crazy
05 Johnny Cool
06 Dream world
07 Teasin’
08 Only You Could Do That To My Heart
09 Can’t Stop Thinking About Him
10 Watch What You Do With My Baby
11 The Impossible Happened
12 I’ll Never Forget Last Night
13 You Make Me Laugh
14 Oh My, What A Guy
15 Leave Me Alone
16 Wind Up Doll
17 Little Me
18 He Couldn’t Care Less
19 Heaven For Lovers
20 Let Her Go
21 Oh Oh, I’m Falling In Love Again
22 Tears On My Pillow
23 I Love You So Much It Hurts
24 As Young As We Are
25 John, John
26 Waterfall