The Spotnicks ‎– The Spotnicks (LP 1961, Suécia)



The Spotnicks ‎– The Spotnicks (LP Karusell ‎– KP 3004, 1961, Suécia).
Disco considered rare.
Genre: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Instrumental.
The Spotnicks was a Swedish group essentially instrumental rock originating from Gothenburg, which was formed in 1961 (before the called-up Frazers). This is their debut album, also known as “the green disk.”
The biography of the group is already inserted into this blog.
Guitarra Baixo – Björn Thelin
Bateria – Ove Johansson
Guitar Solo – Bo Winberg
Rhythm Guitar – Bob Lander
Tracks / Tracklist:
A1 Spanish Gypsy Dance (P. Marquina) 1:52
A2 Gallopping Guitars (B. Winberg) 2:03
A3 She, She Little Sheila (J. Merritt, W. Pullen) 2:30
A4 Ghostriders In The Sky (Stan Jones) 2:03
A5 The Old Spinning Wheel (Billy Hill) 2:15
A6 Hey, Goodlooking (Hank Williams) 2:14
A7 Johnny Guitar (V. Young) 2:55
B1 Git It (Bob Kelly) 2:41
B2 Deep In The Heart Of Texas (B. Winberg, Gusten) 1:40
B3 Endless Walk (B. Winberg) 2:07
B4 My Bonny (B. Winberg, B. Lander) 2:23
B5 The Old grandfather clock (Breda, Å. Fagerlund) 2:07
B6 Midnite Special (B. Winberg) 3:24
B7 Hava Nagila (arranj. B. Winberg / tradition.) 2:19
C1 – In The Mood (Joe Garland) 2:14
C2 – Telstar (J. Menk) 3:11
C3 – Hava Nagila (instrum./Trad.) 2:20