The Tremeloes – The Best Of The Tremeloes 1992

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“The Tremeloes” was established with singer Brian Poole in 1958 in the small English town of Dagenham (Essex), and until 1966 was known as “Brian Pool & The Tremeloes”. Brian Poole was a very big fan of American singer Buddy Holly, but because even ordered some glasses on his way – in an old-fashioned setting, and then everywhere they went. The band performed in various concert halls and very soon attracted the attention of television – in 1961 held its first television appearance on the channel BBC. A year later, the band signed a contract with the record company “Decca” – the company chose them “The Beatles”. The fact is, by the way, very interesting. In 1962, they released their first album, the song from which “Twist And Shout” took the summer of 1963 the 4th place in the British charts. Immediately after that, Poole decided to change the image and get rid of the points in an old-fashioned setting, changing them on the contact lenses. In September 1963 the British charts winning song “Do You Love Me”, and “The Tremeloes” becomes one of the most popular bands in England along with “The Beatles”. The following two singles rank sixth and second place in the charts in 1964. Despite the undisputed success accompanying the group, Brian Poole, the former is very shy and reserved man, left the band in 1966. It would seem that all is lost now – Brian loved the fans, he had a very good voice, he was the leader of the team; how to continue without him? However, his friends did not panic and was invited to take his place Len “Chip” Hawkes (he sang, and at the same time playing the bass guitar, as with Poole left the band and bassist Alan Howard). In the wake of all these unexpected changes team goes under the wing of CBS. All these changes, as it turned out, went only to the benefit of: update and shorten the name to “The Tremeloes”, the band began to storm the UK charts with surprising enthusiasm. In February 1967, the single “Here Comes My Baby” ranked fourth, and two months later the single “Silence Is Golden” rises to the top spot in the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. The song became a true classic of the sixties. In the period from 1967 to 1971 cases in the group are the best way possible. In January 1968, the song “Suddenly You Love Me”, also became a classic (Soviet Russia and the listener, unfortunately, knows more of her in the performance of Joe Dassin French and VIA “Singing Guitars” called “Song of the rider”), is the sixth . Generally, only the four years thirteen songs, hit the TOP-40 of the British charts. In the early 70’s the band has decided to move away from the old style and began to play prog rock, which was not accepted by the majority of fans … The leader-guitarist Rick Westwood left the band in 1970; in 1974, hitting a serious car accident, left the band vocalist Hawkes – he moved to live in America (in 1977 he released a single solo album); and a year later it left the guitarist Alan Blakley (he died in 1996). Thus, by 1975 the group had only one musician from the original lineup – drummer Dave Munden – with new musicians he tried to save the group, and a few more years, she performed in clubs.
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01. Show Me (1968) – 3:12
02. Too Many Fish In The Sea (1967) – 3:03
03. Even The Bad Times Are Good (1967) – 2:40
04. Silence Is Golden (1967) – 3:10
05. Helule Helule (1968) – 2:47
06. Suddenly You Love Me (1968) – 2:47
07. By The Way (1970) – 3:04
08. Is not Nothin ‘But A House Party (1968) – 3:15
09. Here Comes My Baby (1967) – 2:48
10. Run Baby Run (Back Into My Arms) (1967) – 2:41
11. Hello World (1969) – 3:22
12. My Little Lady (1968) – 2:42
13. (Call Me) Number One (1969) – 3:48
14. Me And My Life (1970) – 3:37
15. Hello Buddy (1971) – 2:50
16. I Shall Be Released (1969) – 3:34
17. Be Mine (Mi Seguirai) (1968) – 2:24
18. You Can not Touch Sue (1973) – 3:05
19. Do I Love You (1974) – 3:32
20. Alley Oop (1968) – 3:09

Brian Poole – lead vocals (1958-1968)
Rick Westwood – lead guitar, vocals (1958-2012)
Alan Blakley – rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals (1958-1972, 1979-1996)
Alan Howard – bass, vocals (1958-1966)
Len “Chip” Hawkes – bass, vocals (1966-1972, 1979-1988)
Bob Benham – bass, vocals (1972-1979)
Aaron Wooley – rhythm guitar, keyboards, vocals (1972-1979)
Mick Clarke – bass, vocals (1966-1967, 1992-1996)
Dave Munden – drums, lead vocals (1958-present)