Desmond Dekker And The Aces ‎– Israelites (LP 1969)


Desmond Dekker And The Aces ‎– Israelites (LP UNI Records ‎– 73059, 1969).
Producer – Leslie Kong.
Genre: Reggae, Funk / Soul, Pop.
Desmond Dekker , stage name of Desmond Adolphus Dacres (Kingston, July 16, 1941 – Surrey, May 25, 2006) was a singer, musician and composer of Jamaican ska and reggae.
It was the first Jamaican artist to be considered a reggae legend. Their biggest hits were ” Israelites ” and “007 (Shanty Town)”.
Desmond was a skinhead reggae pioneers. It was mentioned in songs by various musicians over the years, such as The Beatles in the song “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”, Rancid in “Roots Radicals” music, Frank Black music “Parry The Wind High Low” , among others.
His first success was in 1963 with the song “Honor Your Father and Mother” and then came “Sinners Come Home” and “Labor for Learning”. It was then that Desmond Dacres changed his surname to Dekker. The following success was “King of Ska”, which featured The Maytals, in the voices of support.
With the song “007 (Shanty Town),” has become an icon for the boys rude and one of the most important figures in the British mod scene.
Together with your support group, The Aces (consisting of Wilson James and Easton Barrington Howard), Dekker was one of the first major international Jamaican hits with ” Israelites “. Before the rise of Bob Marley, Dekker was one of the most popular musicians in Jamaica, and one of his most famous musicians abroad.
In the late 70, signed with Stiff Records, a punk label linked to the movement two tone and remained there from 1980 to 1983. Still in the 80s, signed with Trojan Records, where he had many of his albums reissued.
Over the years, he continued to make numerous shows around the world, especially in Europe. He died on May 25, 2006 of a heart attack at his home in Surrey, England. The biography of the musician is already inserted into this blog.
Tracks / Tracklist:
A1 Israelites (Dacres, Kong) 2:35
A2 It Is Not Easy (Dacres, Kong) 2:12
A3 Intensified (Dacres, Kong) 2:38
A4 Tip Of My Finger (B. Anderson) 3:30
A5 Too Much Too Soon (Dacres, Kong) 3:30
B1 It Mek (Dacres) 2:34
B2 Nincompoop (Dacres, Kong) 2:05
B3 Problems (Dacres) 2:21
B4 For Once In My Life (D. Murden, R. Miller) 2:57
B5 Rude Boy Train (Dacres, Kong) 2:14