The London Beats – The London Beats, Linda Fortune Sings (LP 1965)


The London Beats – The London Beats, Linda Fortune Sings (LP PRONIT XL 0278, 1965). Editado na Polónia.
Disco considered rare.
Genre: Rock ‘n’ Roll.
The London Beats em Londres, 1964
The London Beats was the first rock band / Western beat (UK) to do tours behind the so – called “Iron Curtain”, launching in Poland, where they performed for some time, a very rare LP (1965) and three EPs (1965 -1966).
Mick Tucker (guitar and vocals), Tony Terry vocals and guitar) and bassist Simon Coaffee (aka Sam Clifton) joined in Horley, Surrey, the group The Moonriders in early 1963 with singer Tony Jones and drummer Mick Godfrey.
Jones got a six-month contract with a promoter in West Germany, but Mick Godfrey left the set. So Frank Bennett recommended drummer Jimmy Smith of the band The Shades. They left for Frankfurt in March 1964, already as The London Beats. They worked in a German club and the American military bases until mid-December, when Tony Terry had returned home and later formed the group The Pack.
The London Beats in Poland in March 1965.
The musicians were to Poland in March 1965, gained fame and soon after recorded an ultra-rare LP for the label Polskie Nagrania Warszawa, one of the rooms of a church in Wroclaw. The equipment was old, outdated, and the coaching staff seemed to have no rock music recording experience / pop, so the sound quality and your balance much left to be desired.
However, with long-term contract and reach its end in January 1966, the opportunities to work in Poland were exhausted, as well as the musicians have lost interest.
On 15 March 1966, most of the band returned to London, where practically no longer considered “celebrities” and started from scratch.
In 1967, Bennett joined the Fortes Mentum. Later, Tucker and Smith recruited an organist and a bass player, John Carroll (Hammond organ) and Peter Carney (bass).
Later, Johnny Jones also recruited a vocalist, Linda Crabtree (Linda Fortune).
The group ended after a disastrous trip to Hamburg in late 1967.
Significantly, some of its members were also to such notable bands as Geno Washington’s Ram Jam Band, Strong Mentum, Hamilton and Hamilton The Movement, The Flower Pot Men, The Nashville Teens, Aquila, Cressida and Tranquility.
Throughout his career, the group had several changes to its initial formation.
original training / Original Line-Up:
Frank Bennett – voice and rhythm guitar
Mick Tucker – solo guitar and voice
Tony Terry – rhythm guitar
I Coaffee – Lower
Jimmy Smith – drums
Tracks / Tracklist:
A1 Come Back Silly Girl (Clark)
A2 Bring It Home To Me (Sam Cocke)
A3 Walk On By (Bacharach And David)
A4 Stick With Me Baby (Laney)
A5 Green Onions (Bading)
A6 I Only Want To Be With You (Burt Bacharach)
A7 Round And Round (Chuck Berry)
A8 Game Of Love (Ballard)
A9 Kansas City (Leiber, Steller)
B1 Save The Last Dance For Me (Piters)
B2 It`s Her Kiss (Clark)
B3 Maybey Babe (Buddy Holly)
B4 She Said Yeah (Burdon)
B5 Peanut Butter (Rodney)
B6 Dance On (Davels)
B7 Hey Baby (Bruce Chanel)
B8 It´s Alright (Cardwell)
B9 Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do (Sloger)
Album released by the Polish label Polskie Nagrania Warszawa, the “Pronit” seal.
Training for the recording of the LP:
Singer – Linda Fortune
Battery – Jimmy Smith
Guitar solo – Mick Tucker
Organ – John Carroll
Rhythm guitar – Piter Carney
Voice – Mick Tucker (unconfirmed)