Ramsey Lewis Trio – 1965 – NED-CHESS Mgar S 9226 – The in crowd (stereo)

Jazz pianist Ramsey (Emmanuel) LEWIS was born May 27, 1935 in Chicago, Illinois.

He was 15 years old when he joined the jazz group: CLEFFS, composed of seven musicians including:
the drummer Isaac “Red” HOLT
the bassist Eldee Young

They left the group and formed their trio who recorded his first album “Ramsey Lewis and the gentlemen of swing “in 1956 on Argo.

They will expect their twentieth album and tackle a more popular repertoire to reach notoriety and appreciation of jazz more.

It was this album that I propose, as released in the Netherlands.
In the US, it was always on Argo and Cadet thereafter we could find.

It contains:
“The in crowd” which ranks 5th in the Billboard, the album, meanwhile, is at the 2nd.
“You-been talkin ” bout me baby” that you find in the Latin version in the next post.