The Marketts – Out Of Limits (LP 1964)

The Marketts – Out Of Limits (LP Warner Bros. Records – W 1537, Jan.1964).
Producer – Joe Saraceno.
Genre: Instrumental, Surfing, Space Rock
The Marketts was an American instrumental pop group formed by Michael Gordon in Hollywood / California in 1961. The band was famous for having sold more than a million copies of their hit ” Out of Limits, ” an instrumental rock / Surf released in 1963, a variant of surf music and played later by many other bands. The theme was composed by its founder, Michael Z. Gordon who wrote this great success, originally titled “Outer Limits”, in honor of the television program of the same name. However, TV producer Rod Serling sued the Marketts for taking four notes off the main theme of his show, “The Twilight Zone,” without his approval, which resulted in the title being changed to “Out of Limits.”
Recognizing the start of a new “musical surprise,” Gordon wrote and co-produced the band’s first hit song, “Surfer’s Stomp,” shortly after the group formed. In 1963 the band signed contract with co-producer Joe Saraceno for the Warner Bros. label.
The song “Out of Limits” reached # 3 in February 1964 on the Billboard Hot 100 for two weeks and Cashbox for a week. He remained in the Hot 100 and Cashbox for 14 weeks, having sold more than one million copies and winning a gold record.
The album reached # 60 on the Billboard Top 100 Hits chart in 1964.
After “Out of Limits”, The Marketts group would enter the Top 20 again, now with the theme “Batman Theme” in early 1966, and would release new recordings until 1977. Saraceno, in addition to his work with The Marketts and Ventures, also produced Bobby Vee, The Sunshine Company, Martin Denny, and other artists.
The album was described as “an intriguing record, with galloping rhythm”.
Formed in Hollywood in 1961, the band The Marketts had some variations to their musical style, but it is by Surf Music that the group is more recognized and remembered. The band went through several formations, having been led by producer Joe Saraceno (who also produced bands like The Ventures, among others). Saraceno, where necessary, brought together musicians from the Los Angeles area to compose and / or replace other band members.
The most prominent albums in the United States were “Out of Limits!” (Warner, 1964) and “The Batman Theme” (Warner, 1966), both with sonorities essentially surf music.
Tracks / Tracklist:
A1 – Out Of Limits (Michael Z. Gordon)
A2 – Love 1985 (P. Vegas)
A3 – Collision Course (Usher, Christian)
A4 – Hyper-Space (D. Howe)
A5 – Other Limits (Michael Z. Gordon)
A6 – Bell Star (Pohlman, Saraceno)
B1 – Twilight Guy (Joe Saraceno)
B2 – Borealis (G. Motola, R. Page)
B3 – Bella Dalena (Saraceno, Pohlman)
B4 – Limits Beyond (L. Duncan, R. Duncan)
B5 – Saturn (P. Vegas)
B6 – Re-Entry (P. Vegas)
Arrangements by Roy Pohlman.
Recorded at United Recorders studios.
Musicians / Personnel:
Michael Z. Gordon, (guitar solo, guitar and composer);
Randy Viers (Drums);
Chuck Bently, (Saxophone);
Scott Engel (Low);
Lynn Frazier (Trombone).