Nina Simone ‎– I Put a Spell On You (LP 1965)


Nina Simone ‎– I Put A Spell On You (LP Philips ‎– BL 7671, 1965)
Genre: Soul, Jazz, Blues.
The theme recorded by Nina SimoneI Put A Spell On You ” is the most famous and wonderful today edited. Along with “Good Feeling” song, makes this LP is considered a real “jewel”. The theme “One September Day” proves that she could also sing softly … sweet and simple!
Nina Simone (Tryon, February 21, 1933 – Carry-le-Rouet, April 21, 2003), born as Eunice Kathleen Waymon was a great pianist, singer and songwriter. The stage name was adopted at age 20, so he could sing Blues in cabarets of New York, Philadelphia and Atlantic City, behind the backs of their parents, who were Methodist pastors. Nina Simone also excelled and was persecuted for being black and publicly embrace all kinds of combating racism.
She recorded Gershwin’s “I Loves You Porgy,” which became a Top 40 hit and carried it to the most important stage, performing at Carnegie Hall and the Newport Jazz Festival.
Nina left the US in the 70s, moving first to Barbados, through other places, including Africa and the Netherlands, before finally settling in France.
In his work, Nina unfolds in styles by which ventured from the gospel, through the soul, blues, folk and jazz. It was one of the first black artists to join the famous Julliard School of Music in New York. Their song “Mississippi Goddamn” became an activist anthem of the black cause, and talks about the murder of four black children in Birmingham church in 1963. He died of cancer in 2003 while sleeping in Carry-le-Rouet / France, 70 years.
Tracks / Tracklist:
A1 I Put A Spell On You 2:33
A2 Tomorrow Is My Turn 2:43
A3 Ne Me Quitte Pas (Jacques Brel) 3:27
A4 Marriage Is For Old Folks 3:22
A5 July Tree 2:40
A6 Gimme Some 2:58
B1 Feeling Good 2:52
B2 One September Day 2:47
B3 Blues On Purpose 3:18
B4 Beautiful Land 1:55
B5 You’ve Got To Learn (C. Aznavour) 2:40
B6 Take Care Of Business