The Association ‎– And Then…Along Comes The Association (LP 1966)



The Association ‎– And Then…Along Comes The Association (LP Valiant Records ‎– VLM 5002, Jul. 1966).
Producer – C. Boettcher
Género: Rock, Pop, Folk Rock.
And Then … Along Comes The Association ” is the debut album Association that strives to present an excellent folk-rock / psychedelic pop.Here we find the hits “Cherish” and “Along Comes Mary”.
Curiously, this LP was among the first American rock albums to make creative use of stereo sound and exploit it in the name of a musical group. At that time, make the stereo a rock album mix was usually little more than an idealism or thinking producer and sound engineer
The Association is a popular band of American pop folk music, originated in California and formed in 1965. The group had several changes to his training during his career.
They are famous for their harmony voices. In the 60s, the group managed to get numerous hits on the Billboard charts as “Windy,” “Cherish,” Never My Love or “Along Comes Mary” and was the band leader at the Monterey Pop Festival in 1967. In September 2003 the band was introduced into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.
The group still remains active.
Tracks / Tracklist:
A1 Enter The Young (T. Kirkman) 2:42
A2 Your Own Love (G. Alexander, J. Yester) 2:19
A3 Don’t Blame It On Me (D. Addrisi, D. Addrisi) 2:26
A4 Blistered (E. Wheeler) 1:45
A5 I’ll Be Your Man (R. Giguere) 2:45
A6 Along Comes Mary (T. Almer) 2:30
B1 Cherish (T. Kirkman) 3:25
B2 Standing Still (T. Bluechel) 2:43
B3 Message Of Our Love (C. Boettcher, T. Almer) 3:56
B4 Round Again (G. Alexander) 1:48
B5 Remember (G. Alexander) 2:35
B6 Changes (G. Alexander) 2:30
album recorded in July 1966 in GSP Studios / Columbia Studios, Hollywood
Musicians / Personnel:
– Jules Alexander (Gary Alexander, 25 de setembro de 1943, Chattanooga, TN) (1965-66, 1969-74, 1979-89, 2011-presente): guitarra, voz, koto, baixo;
– Terry Kirkman (1965-72, 1979-85) (December 12, 1941, Salina, KS): vocals, bass, woodwinds (blows);
– Russ Giguere (1965-71, 1979-2014) (October 18, 1943, Portsmouth, NH): vocals, guitar, percussion;
– Jim Yester (November 24, 1939, Birmingham, AL): vocals, guitar, keyboards;
– Brian Cole (1965-72) (September 8, 1942, Tacoma, WA, died on August 2, 1972, Los Angeles, CA): vocals, bass, clarinet;
– Larry Ramos (Hilario Ramos, Jr., on April 12, 1942, Waimea, Kauai, HI): vocals, bass, guitar solo, banjo;
– Ted Bluechel, Jr. (1965-85) (December 2, 1942, San Pedro, CA): voice, drums, percussion.