35th Anniversary Collection 4 – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles

01  Point It Out
02  Who’s Gonna Take The Blame
03  I Gotta Thing For You [Single Version (Mono)]
04  The Tears Of A Clown
05  Promise Me [Single Version (Mono)]
06  I Don’t Blame You At All
07  There’s A Sad Story Here [1994 35th Anniversary Version]
08  Crazy About The La La La
09  Satisfaction
10  We’ve Come Too Far To End It Now
11  I Can’t Stand To See You Cry
12  Here I Go Again [Live (1972 Carter Barron Amphitheater)]
13  Sweet Harmony [Single Version]
14  Don’t Let It End (Til You Let It Begin) [Album Version]
15  Do It Baby
16  Don’t Cha Love It [Album Version]
17  Quiet Storm
18  Love Machine
19  Cruisin’
20  Being With You
21  Just To See Her
22  One Heartbeat