It Moves Me – Eddie Holland

cd 1

01  Little Miss Ruby
02  You (You You You You)
03  (Where’s The Joy) In Nature Boy
04  Shock
05  Merry-Go-Round
06  It Moves Me
07  Because I Love Her
08  Everybody’s Going
09  Magic Mirror
10  Will You Love Me
11  Why Do You Want To Let Me Go
12  The Last Laugh
13  Jamie
14  Take A Chance On Me
15  You Deserve What You Got
16  Last Night I Had A Vision
17  If Cleopatra Took A Chance
18  What About Me
19  If It’s Love (It’s Alright)
20  It’s Not Too Late
21  Darling, I Hum Our Song
22  Just A Few More Days
23  Baby Shake
24  Brenda
25  I’m On The Outside Looking In
26  I Couldn’t Cry If I Wanted To
27  Leaving Here
28  Just Ain’t Enough Love
29  Candy To Me
30  If You Don’t Want My Love

cd 2

01  Action Speaks Louder Than Words
02  Bashful Kind
03  Rain And Thunder
04  Happy Days
05  I’m So Glad I Learned To Do The Cha-Cha
06  True Love Will Go A Mighty Long Way
07  Gotta Have Your Love
08  A Little Bit Of Lovin’
09  Love Is What You Make It
10  Day Dreamer
11  So Great Is My Love
12  Twin Brother (First Version)
13  Twin Brother (Second Version)
14  Welcome Back
15  (Loneliness Made Me Realize) It’s You That I Need
16  I’m Grateful
17  Heart Broken, Heart Breaker (And The Clock)
18  You’re Sweeter As The Days Go By
19  It’s Best To Be Sure
20  Happy Go Lucky
21  Too Late To Cry
22  Pretty Little Angel Face
23  Take Me In Your Arms (Rock Me A Little While)
24  I Like Everything About You
25  Jamie (Stereo Version)
26  Leaving Here