J. Frank Wilson And The Cavaliers ‎– Last Kiss (LP Josie Records ‎– 4006, 1964).


J. Frank Wilson And The Cavaliers ‎– Last Kiss (LP Josie Records ‎– 4006, 1964).
Genre: Pop / Rock

J. Frank Wilson (John Frank Wilson, born in Lufkin, Texas, December 11, 1941 – October 4, 1991) and The Cavaliers was an American group of early 60s, that will always be remembered for his great success ” Last kiss , “which had millions of copies sold.
The Cavaliers was a band formed in San Angelo / Texas, around 1955, led by guitarist Sid Holmes, along with bassist Lewis Elliott, saxophonist Rob Zeller, drummer Ray Smith and vocalist Alton Baird. Later, Baird came to be replaced by J. Frank Wilson, when he was discharged from military service. Also Sid Holmes left the group in 1962 due to health problems. The group was very popular attraction in a number of local clubs in Texas.
During the fall of 1964, the music scene was dominated by the British Invasion, particularly the Beatles, so it was a great feat for Wilson and the Cavaliers, try to impose themselves and become famous at that time. Sonley Roush became the “manager” of the group. He gave them a song originally recorded by Wayne Cochran called ” Last Kiss ,” which became a hit in June 1964, published by Josie Records. The song reached the Top 10 in October of that year, peaking at # 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, selling over a million copies and being awarded a gold disc.
While driving his car near Lima, Ohio, in late 1964, Roush Sonley (the producer of the song) fell asleep at the wheel and crashed head-on with another vehicle. Roush died and Wilson, who accompanied him, was wounded.
J. Frank Wilson and The Cavaliers recorded more songs, but just “Hey, Little One” was successful, having reached the position # 85 in the charts.
There followed a number of changes to the formation of the band, already without Wilson. Who died on 4 October 1991 at the age of 49 years due to health problems.
The Cavaliers, Initial Training:
Sid Holmes (guitarra),
Elliott Lewis (bass),
Ray Smith (drums)
Rob Zeller (saxophone),
Alton Baird (vocals), later replaced by Frank Wilson.
Tracks / Tracklist:
A1 Last Kiss (W. Cochran) 2:25
A2 Only The Lonely (Joe Melson, Roy Orbison) 2:30
A3 Over The Mountain (Rex Garvin) 2:08
A4 School Days (Chuck Berry) 2:20
A5 Day Before Our Wedding (S. Roush, D. Romans) 2:20
A6 Speak To Me (S. Roush) 2:00
B1 Sea Of Love (G. Khouri, P. Baptiste) 1:53
B2 Tell Laura I Love Her (Jeff Barry, Ben Raleigh) 2:39
B3 That’ll Be The Day (Jerry Allison, Buddy Holly) 1:40
B4 Ding Go The Chimes (S. Roush) 2:15
B5 Kiss And Run (B. Skelton) 2:00
B6 Young Love (Carol Jayner, Ric Carty) 2:39