Sandy Posey ‎– Single Girl (LP 1966)


Sandy Posey ‎– Single Girl (LP MGM Records ‎– E 4455, 1966).
Produtor – Chips Moman.
Género: Folk, Country.
A1 Hey Mister (D. Penn, L. Oldham) 1:58
A2 Patterns (B. Cooper, F. Catana) 2:18
A3 A Place In The Sun (B. Wells, R. Miller) 2:54
A4 The Last Day Of Love (C. Putman, L. Butler) 2:33
A5 I’m Your Puppet (D. Penn, L. Oldham) 2:31
A6 Here Comes My Baby Back Again (B. West, D. West) 2:19
B1 Single Girl (M. Sharp) 2:29
B2 Shattered (W.C. Thompson) 1:54
B3 See Ya’ Round On The Rebound (P.F. Sloan) 2:29
B4 Don’t Touch Me (H. Cochran) 3:18
B5 I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now) (J. Butler, O. Redding) 2:31
B6 The Twelfth Of Never (J. Livingston, P.F. Webster) 2:29
C1 – Sunglasses (John D. Loudermilk) 2:52 – (originalmentecantadapor Martha Sharpe, também interpretada pela sulafricana Hilary, entre outros artistas)
C2 – Put Your Hand In The Hand (Gene MacLellan) 3:08 (canção cantadaoriginalmente pela canadiana Anne Murray. Entre outras versões, o tema também foicantadopelosulafricano Ray Dylan)