Best Of – Peter Sarstedt R.I.P

Peter Eardley Sarstedt (10 December 1941 – 8 January 2017), briefly billed early in his career as Peter Lincoln, was an English singer-songwriter, instrumentalist and activist. He recorded a number of successful albums and singles, beginning in the 1960s. Although his music was classified as pop, it generally encompassed ballads derived from traditional folk music rather than rock and roll. He was best known for writing and performing the single “Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)?”, which topped the UK Singles Chart in 1969 and won an Ivor Novello Award.


01  Where Do You Go To (My Lovely)
02  Sons Of Cain Are Abel
03  Boulevarde
04  Every Word You Say (Is Written Down)
05  Time Was Leading Us Home
06  Take Off Your Clothes
07  Frozen Orange Juice
08  I Am A Cathedral
09  Once Upon An Every Day
10  As Though It Were A Movie
11  You’re A Lady
12  Without Darkness (There’s No Light)