Wilson Pickett ‎– The Sound Of Wilson Pickett (LP 1967)


Wilson Pickett ‎– The Sound Of Wilson Pickett (LP Atlantic ‎– SD 8145, 1967)
Producer Jerry Wexler
Genre: Funk / Soul
The Sound of Wilson Pickett ” was one of three albums of the Atlantic this American singer, edited by Wicked One in 1967, produced by Jerry Wexler.
Looking at the alignment of the tracks, it seems to have a lot of successes and innovations, but no! In fact, the two sides of the disc contains the classic “Funky Broadway” and the tracks of some singles and versions. However, it remains one of his best albums.
We particularly liked the theme “Soul Dance Number Three”, p + she beat her. Pickett’s version of “You Can not Stand Alone” Rudy Clark, is also spectacular, especially about the pace, the intervention of the guitar and Farfisa organ. Pickett plays “Something Within Me” with a deep feeling of blues Memphis.
Wilson Pickett (March 18, 1941 – January 19 of 2006) was an American singer of soul music, which became known for such hits as “Mustang Sally” and “In the Midnight Hour”, among others. Still young, Pickett found himself attracted to the sound of singers like Jackie Wilson and Little Willie John. Although at that time was considered a gospel singer, Pickett was invited to join an R’n’B group called The Falcons. In 1964, he signed to Atlantic Records, thus beginning his successful career. Pickett was included in the Rock Hall of Fame in 1991.
The biography of this great singer is already inserted this blog.
Tracks / Tracklist:
A1 Soul Dance Number Three ( Jerry Wexler, Wilson Pickett) 2:38
A2 Funky Broadway (Lester Christian) 3:33
A3 I Need A Lot Of Loving Every Day (Dan Penn, Lindon Oldham) 2:20
A4 I Found A Love, Part I (Robert West, W. Schofield, Wilson Pickett) 2:30
A5 I Found A Love, Part II (Robert West, W. Schofield, Wilson Pickett) 2:59
A6 You Can’t Stand Alone (Rudy Clark) 2:47
B1 Mojo Mamma (Bert Berns, Jerry Wexler) 1:59
B2 I Found The One (Bobby Womack) 2:30
B3 Something Within Me (Bobby Womack) 3:40
B4 I’m Sorry About That (Bobby Womack) 3:03
B5 Love Is A Beautiful Thing (Eddie Brigati, Felix Cavaliere) 2:12
Musicians Actors:
Baritone Saxophone – Floyd Newman
Baixo – Junior Lowe, Tommy Cogbill
Battery – Roger Hawkins
Guitar – Tommy Cogbill
Guitarra solo – Chips Moment
Teclados – Spooner Oldham
Rhythm guitar – Jimmy R. Johnson
Saxofone Tenor – Andrew Love, Charles Chambers, James Mitchell
Trompete – Gene Miller, Wayne Jackson