The Hollies ‎– Hollies Sing Hollies (LP 1969)


The Hollies ‎– Hollies Sing Hollies (LP Parlophone ‎– PCS 7092, 1969)
Producer: Ron Richards.
Genre: Beat, Pop / Rock.
Hollies Sing Hollies ” is the ninth studio album released in the UK by The Hollies . It was released in November 1969 by Parlophone, and their second album that year. This LP appears 6 months after another album versions / covers of Bob Dylan songs (Hollies Sing Dylan). Was the first album of Hollies with original compositions since the departure of Graham Nash and the second album with the presence of Terry Sylvester on rhythm guitar and the first to contain his compositions, as well as an instrumental composition by bassist Bernie Calvert. The tracks that are part of this LP are generally melodic and very nice. Album, highlight the tracks “Please Let Me Please”, with fantastic rhythm guitars and a great chorus. With a heavier sound, “Do You Believe in Love” and “Soldiers Dilemma” or “You Love ‘Cos You Like It,” the more pop style.
The full album was released in the UK was not released with the same alignment tracks in the US. Another version of the album (with changes to the tracks) was published in this country and reached the position # 32 of the charts.
The Hollies , British band Pop / Rock / Beat formed in mid 1962 by childhood friends Allan Clarke, vocalist, and guitarist and vocalist Graham Nash. The biography of this great British group already inserted this blog.
Tracks / Tracklist:
A1 – Why Didn’t You Believe? (Clarke, Sylvester) – 3:30
A2 – Don’t Give up Easily (Hicks) – 2:12
A3 – Look at Life (Clarke, Sylvester) – 2:26
A4 – Please Sign Your Letters (Clarke, Hicks, Sylvester) – 3:39
A5 – My Life Is Over With You (Clarke) – 3:15
A6 – Please Let Me Please (Clarke, Hicks) – 3:10
B1 – Do You Believe in Love (Clarke, Hicks, Sylvester) – 3:35
B2 – Soldiers Dilemma (Clarke) – 2:51
B3 – Marigold: Gloria Swansong (Clarke, Sylvester) – 5:25
B4 – You Love ‘Cos You Like It (Clarke, Sylvester) – 2:46
B5 – Reflections of a Long Time Past (Calvert) – 2:25
B6 – Goodbye Tomorrow (Clarke) – 3:44
Arrangements and Orchestra Conduction: Alan Tew (tracks / tracks: A6, B4, B5), Johnny Scott (tracks / tracks: A3, A5, B3.b)
Album released in November 1969.
Band members:
Vocalist – Allan Clarke (born 15 April 1942)
Guitarist and vocalist Graham Nash (born February 2, 1942).
guitarist Tony Hicks (born December 16, 1943)
Bassist Eric Haydock (born February 3, 1943)
Drummer Bobby Elliott (born December 8, 1942)