Charles Aznavour – Charles Aznavour Chante … (LP 1953)



Charles Aznavour – Charles Aznavour Chante … (LP, 10 “, Ducretet Thomson – 260 V 002, Dez. 1953).
Género: Pop Song.
This is the first album by Charles Aznavour. Some of the album tracks retain their fame and success to date.
Charles Aznavour , whose real name is Shahnour Varenagh Aznavurjian, was born in Paris on May 22, 1924, being the son of Armenian parents.She is a singer, songwriter, actor and Armenian-French diplomat.
It is considered a true living legend of “chanson française”. Currently 92 years, keeps the vocal freshness that dazzles audiences around the world and conquer the criticism of various sectors.
French and Armenian (is general ambassador of France to Armenia and Ambassador of Armenia in Switzerland and Permanent Delegate of Armenia to the United Nations), Charles Aznavour is known for his tenor voice, clean and clear in the highest and serious and deep notes in the most low. He wrote more than 800 songs, recorded more than 1,200 in 8 different languages and sold over 180 million records. It was the first Frenchman to reach the No. 1 Top English. The song that eventually secure the career longevity of Charles Aznavour was even “Tous Les Visages du Monde” 1974, available in English, “She”, reached the 1st place in the top of Britain three times faster than recorded by Elvis Costello for the soundtrack of the film “Notting Hill.”
It was integrated into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1996.
In 1998, this protected Edith Piaff was named “Entertainer Of The Century” by consumers of global brands of media such as CNN and Time Online, adding 18% of global preferences and surpassing Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley. Aznavour will forever be remembered for famous songs as “She”, “La Bohème”, “Ave Maria” and many others who have made the “chanson” one of the most respected stylistic phenomena by music lovers across the world.
Tracks / Tracklist:
A1 And Yawn And Sleeping
A2 Lying In The Hay
A3 Addict
Forget A4 Loulou
A5 When She Sings
A6 If I had a Piano
Come B1
B2 mother-racking
B3 Jézébel
B4 Poker
More B5 Blue What Your Eyes
Musicians / Personnel:
Voice and compositions of Charles Aznavour;
Monitoring by: Orchestra of F. Pourcel Et Son Orchestre (tracks / tracks: 9, 10), M. Ramos Et Ses Rythmes (tracks / tracks: 1, 2, 3), R. Valentino Et Ses Rythmes (tracks / tracks: 4, 5, 6), R. Valentino Et Son Quintette (tracks / tracks: 7, 8, 11)