The Flintstones – Malon A Go-Go (LP 1967, Chile)


The Flintstones – Malon A Go-Go (LP Arena Productions – LPD-037-X, 1967, Chile)
Production: Scottie Scott
Genre: Pop / Rock.

Los Picapiedras released two albums, “iExcitante!” and ” Malon a Go Go “, both with multiple versions as Black Is Black (Los Bravos) and Gloria (Them), as well as some issues of songwriter who discovered, Scottie Scott.
The LP presented here, 1967, it is the second disc of this excellent Chilean band of the ’60s (though being the first at Arena seal). In fact, the first album of his career is the LP “¡Exciting!”, 1966, the Philips label.
Production is Scottie Scott, singer of Nueva Hello and admirer of the band that enthused to tape. Included are some issues of his own.
In 1964 the “Beatlemania” had invaded the world and Chile was no exception. Inspired by the phenomenon originated by the “Fab Four” from Liverpool, appears in that country in 1965, the Los Picapiedras group. The debut of this new Chilean band took place at the Teatro Empire in March 1965. It quite successfully and fame, Los Picapiedras began performing at Radio Santiago, where they met the composer Scottie Scott, that supported and encouraged in their work discogáfico .
In 1968 would change its name to Los Vip’s. The band would end in 1971.
Regarding the LP, it has a good sound, harmony and rock with versions / covers of big hits to the mix.
Tracks / Tracklist:
A1 If These “In” I’d Rather Be “Out”
A2 I’ll be back
A3 Feeling Sad
A4 must be avoided
A5 The more we see
A6 Darling
B1 Discotheque
B2 Love Wild
B3 Black Is Black
B4 Winter
B5 Presentimiento
B6 I knew I would want
Members / Personnel:
Alejandro Valladares (bass and vocals)
Jorge Fernandez (drums)
Leonardo Carvajal (Guitar)
Mario Zarate (Guitar)
Musician guest:  Hugo Raymond – agency