Bobby’s Girl: The Complete Seville Recordings (2004, President Records)

Marcie Blane


  1. “Bobby’s Girl” (Mono) 2:18
  2. “A Time to Dream” 2:03
  3. “What Does a Girl Do?” 2:18
  4. “How Can I Tell Him?” 2:59
  5. “Little Miss Fool” 2:23
  6. “Ragtime Sound” 2:18
  7. “You Gave My Number to Billy” 2:08
  8. “Told You So” 2:00
  9. “Why Can’t I Get a Guy” 2:08
  10. “Who’s Going to Take My Daddy’s Place?” 2:26
  11. “Bobby Did” 2:17
  12. “After the Laughter” 2:19
  13. “The Hurtin’ Kind” 2:42
  14. “She’ll Break the String” 2:22
  15. “Wer Einmal ‘A’ Gesagt (What Does a Girl Do?)” 2:16
  16. “So Ist Das Leben (How Can I Tell Him?)” 3:01
  17. “Guessin’ Games” (Previously Unreleased Demo) 2:00
  18. “Thank You” (Previously Unreleased Demo) 2:14
  19. “Suddenly It’s Over” (Previously Unreleased Demo) 2:08
  20. “I’m Just a Cute Little Girl” (Previously Unreleased Demo) 1:51
  21. “A Time to Dream” (Previously Unreleased Demo)2:08
  22. “Bobby’s Girl” (Previously Unreleased Demo – Stereo) 2:23



12 Gold Bars – Status Quo

Richard John Parfitt, OBE (12 October 1948 – 24 December 2016) was an English musician, best known for being a singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist in the rock band Status Quo.
He died at the hospital at lunchtime on 24 December 2016 from septicaemia, after being admitted to hospital the previous day, following complications to a shoulder injury, his manager and family said in a statement.

Volume 1

01  Rockin’ All Over The World
02  Down Down
03  Caroline
04  Paper Plane
05  Break The Rules
06  Again And Again
07  Mystery Song
08  Roll Over Lay Down
09  Rain
10  Wild Side Of Life
11  Whatever You Want
12  Living On An Island

Volume 2

01  What You’re Proposin’
02  Lies
03  Something ‘Bout You Baby I Like
04  Don’t Drive My Car
05  Dear John
06  Rock ‘n’ Roll
07  Ol’ Rag Blues
08  Mess Of Blues
09  Marguerita Time
10  Going Down Town Tonight
11  The Wanderer
12  Caroline (Live)

The Original Surfaris ‎– Wheels (Shorts-Hot Rods) (LP 1965)


The Original Surfaris ‎– Wheels (Shorts-Hot Rods) (LP Diplomat Records ‎– DS-2309, 1965).
Disco considered rare.
Genre: Rock / Surf
Originally as The Surfaris,  The Original Surfaris formed in 1960 in Fullerton, California, USA. The group that is referred to in this LP recorded by Diplomat (1965) was not the only one with this name (Surfaris). At the time, in Southern California, there were at least a band with the name of The Surfaris, and one of them recorded the hit ” Wipe Out ” in 1963. Thus. The Original Surfaris should not be confused with this famous group The Surfaris, such that the produced “Wipe Out.”
The Original Surfaris was forced to change its name when others Surfaris said obtained great success and brought a lawsuit on the group name. The band that had achieved success won the court action, but the other group was allowed to be called The Original Surfaris, apparently because it was first formed.
Because of the same name, as already noted, the case gave rise to a lawsuit and the trial that followed, the judge granted the one of the bands, the exclusive use of “The Surfaris.” However, the judge also allowed the band Fullerton could continue under the name The Original Surfaris, although they continued to be known in several places where played like “The Surfaris.”
Title Wheels Shorts-Hot Rods was well placed so that the disc had some impact, highlight and sales success due to fashion (very soon) the song “Hot Rod,” an offshoot of the surf sound, which emerged in the US west coast . The LP was released when The Original Surfaris group already had dissolved. The group had planned to launch a really surf music LP in 1963, but the project was shelved following that legal action involving other Surfaris.
Between October 1962 and January 1963, they recorded in studio producer Tony Hilder a number of songs written by Larry Weed, such as “Moment of Truth” or “Delano Soul Beat”, among others. The track “Delano Soul Beat” turned out to be recovered in this LP.
It was in early 1963, while the band was on tour, the instrumental surf theme “Wipe Out” was launched with great success throughout the country.This theme was written and performed by another band of Glendora, California, which, as already noted, also called The Surfaris.
After the fashion hot rod have fallen behind, The Original Surfaris began to change his musical style, and Jim Tran with Al Valdez left the group. The band began to play more vocal themes, and soul and blues in his repertoire, eventually disbanding in May 1965.
Band of respectable quality, managed to record some obscure singles and LP.
Tracks / Tracklist:
A1 Delano Soul Beat (Al Garcia) 2:22
A2 Gear Down Boogie 2:20
A3 Dirt Track Baby 2:12
A4 Speed Jocking 2:36
A5 Wheel Soul 2:37
B1 Wheels Theme 1:58
B2 Shutdown Daddy 2:48
B3 Spinout 2:08
B4 Floorboarding 1:57
B5 Way-Out Wheeler 2:29
Elements that belonged to the band:
Al Valdez (piano)
Mike Biondo (drums)
Bobby Esco (guitarra)
Bob Bernard (saxophone)
Doug Wiseman (saxophone)
Larry Weed (guitarra)
Jim Tran (low)
Charlie Whaley (Guitrra)
Dave Hull (piano)
Jerry Baker (guitar)
Franck Sibley (guitarra)