Nothing Can Stop Me – Gene Chandler

Nothing Can Stop Me – Gene Chandler


01  Duke Of Earl
02  Night Owl
03  Tear For Tear
04  You Threw A Lucky Punch
05  Rainbow
06  Man’s Temptation
07  Think Nothing About It
08  Just Be True
09  Bless Our Love
10  What Now
11  You Can’t Hurt Me No More
12  Nothing Can Stop Me
13  (Gonna Be) Good Times
14  I Fooled You This Time
15  The Girl Don’t Care
16  To Be A Lover
17  There Goes The Lover
18  Groovy Situation
19  Get Down
20  Does She Have A Friend


32 Tracks That Bubbled Under The Billboard Charts from 1961-1964

32 Tracks That Bubbled Under The Billboard Charts from 1961-1964The first installment in this series that focuses on oldies that reached the lower regions of the Billboard charts (usually between 101 and 140). All of these songs should have been and could have been big hits, proving just how Important the “bubbling under” charts were in the day to help promote new songs and this also shows that a Top 100 was not merely enough to showcase the amount of great songs that were recorded during the early 1960’s. Features tracks from Rick Nelson, Del Shannon, Johnny Burnette, Teresa Brewer, The Murmaids and many others.

A first rate collection of forgotten oldies. Oldies junkies and even those not all that interested in blasts from the past will recognize many of the artists in this new collection of songs that bubbled under the Billboard music charts in the 1960s. That these tracks didn’t earn a coveted spot in the hot 100 is no reflection on the artists themselves or these songs. As Mike Edwards points out in the liner notes,100 spots clearly wasn’t enough to contain all the great tunes from that era. Take “Let me get close to you” for example. Written by the hallowed songwriting team of Goffin and King and performed by Skeeter Davis, the song just missed the hot 100 in 1964. It’s a great tune and a worthy follow up to Skeeter’s earlier smash “I can’t stay mad at you” and features the crack production of Chet Atkins. Hindsight is invariably 20/20, but my bet would be that the British invasion that year changed the rules for music, and even worthy songs like this simply fell by the wayside. The 4-Evers “Say you love me” is another stellar track; produced by Bob Crewe and sounding an awful lot like Crewe’s other vocal group The Four Seasons, this record just leaps out of the speakers at you-it’s that strong. Changing musical tastes, poor promotion, laclustre distirbution; whatever the reason,these songs didn’t make the hot 100 and with few exceptions have probably never been anthologized. Don’t let that put you off this anthology. The songs, many in stereo and sounding great, deserve a second chance to be heard. (Dan Penwarn , Record Runner)
1. There’s Not A Minute (Stereo) – Rick Nelson 2. His Lips Get In The Way – Bernadette Castro 3. Just Another Fool – Curtis Lee 4. I Won’t Be There – Del Shannon 5. She’ll Never Never Love You (Like I Do) (Stereo) – Teresa Brewer 6. Roberta (Stereo) – Barry & The Tamerlanes 7. I Wanna Thank Your Folks (Stereo) – Johnny Burnette 8. Heartbreak Ahead – The Murmaids 9. Somebody Nobody Wants (Stereo) – Dion 10. Along Came Linda (Stereo) – Tommy Boyce 11. Dreamin’ About You – Annette Funicello 12. A Little Like Lovin’ (Stereo) – The Cascades 13. Sweet Sorrow (Stereo) – Conway Twitty 14. Let Me Get Close To You (Stereo) – Skeeter Davis 15. Tonight I Met An Angel (Stereo) – The Tokens 16. Halfway – Eddie Hodges 17. All I Want To Do Is Run – The Elektras 18. Cry On My Shoulder (Stereo) – Johnny Crawford 19. Say I Love You (Doo Bee Dum) – The Four-Evers 20. Permanently Lonely (Stereo) – Timi Yuro 21. You Should Have Been There – The Fleetwoods 22. I’m Leaving – Johnny Nash 23. Your Life Begins (At Sweet 16) – The Majors 24. Tomorrow Is Another Day – Doris Troy 25. The Masquerade Is Over (Stereo) – The Five Satins 26. I’m Tired (Stereo) – Ray Peterson 27. I’m Gonna Love That Guy – Linda Lloyd 28. Band Of Gold – The Roomates 29. Baby That’s All – Jackie Wilson 30. Winter’s Here – Robin Ward 31. Drums – Kenny Chandler 32. Don’t Cross Over – Linda Brannon
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Great British Instrumentals Of The 50’s & 60’s

Before the Beatles ushered in the beat revolution, the British pop scene reverberated to a tidal wave of home-grown instrumental music. However the golden age of the instrumental was destined to wither as quickly as it had bloomed, yet British rock owed much to its wordless past. This excellent 3 disc compilation includes tracks such as “Telstar”, “F.B.I.” and “Sleepwalk” and aptly plays out with “At The Sign Of The Swingin’ Cymbal” by Brian Fahey & his Orchestra, the original 1960 version of the ‘chart rundown’ tune for BBC Radio’s Pick Of The Pops. If you’ve got that far, we guarantee you’ve enjoyed 60 of the greatest instrumentals British popular music has to offer!

trax disc 1:
1. Telstar – The Tornados 2. The Storm – The Hunters 3. The Savage – The Shadows 4. The Breeze And I – The Fentones 5. Guitar Boogie Shuffle – Bert Weedon 6. Walk Don’t Run – The John Barry Seven 7. Clap Trap – The Vampires 8. Rockin’ Susannah – Arthur Greenslade & The Gee-Men 9. Chaquita – The Dave Clark Five 10. Man In Space – The Vigilantes 11. Trambone – The Krew Kats 12. Pop Corn – Joe Brown 13. Swingin’ Low – The Outlaws 14. Theme From Tightrope – The Volcanos 15. Got A Match – Wee Willie Harris 16. I Didn’t Know The Gun Was Loaded – The Cannons 17. Special Agent – The Eagles 18. Entry Of The Gladiators – Nero & The Gladiators 19. Gypsy Beat – The Packabeats 20. Jet Black – The Drifters (The Shadows)
trax disc 2:
1. F.B.I. – The Shadows 2. In The Hall Of The Mountain King – Nero & The Gladiators 3. The James Bond Theme (Theme From The Film Dr. No) – The John Barry Seven (with Orchestra) 4. Chariot – Rhet Stoller 5. The Mexican – The Fentones 6. Hoots Mon! – Lord Rockingham’s XI 7. (Ghost) Riders In The Sky – The Scorpions 8. Manhunt – Frank Weir & His Werewolves 9. Teen Scene – The Hunters 10. The Switch – Joe Brown 11. The Savage, Pt. 2 – The Sneaky Petes 12. Bongo Rock – The Jetstreams 13. Night Of The Vampire – The Moontrekkers 14. Sounds Like Locomotion – The Sounds Inc 15. Valley Of The Sioux – The Outlaws 16. The Ghoul Friend – Ravens Rock Group 17. Poppin’ Part 1 – The Chaps 18. Yep! – The Checkmates 19. Tequila – Johnny ‘The Gash’ Gray (with Ken Jones & His Orchestra) 20. Green Jeans – The Fabulous Flee-Rekkers
trax disc 3:
1. Hit And Miss – The John Barry Seven 2. Nut Rocker – Bud Ashton Trio 3. The Man With The Golden Arm – Jet Harris 4. Love And Fury – The Tornados 5. Samurai – The Barons 6. Honky Tonk – George Chisholm & The Bluenotes (with Bert Weedon) 7. Apache – Bert Weedon 8. Drunken Guitar – Tommy Steele & Joe Brown 9. There’s Something At The Bottom Of The Well – The Moontrekkers 10. Peak Hour – The Krew Kats 11. Mainline – The Staccatos 12. Can Can ’62 – Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers 13. Lone Rider – The Flee-Rekkers 14. Scorpio – Scorpions 15. Ambush – The Outlaws 16. Party Twist – The Firestones 17. Sleepwalk – The Sleepwalkers 18. Theme From Danger Man – The Red Price Combo 19. Dance On! – The Shadows 20. At The Sign Of The Swingin’ Cymbal (From ‘Pick Of The Pops’) – Brian Fahey & His Orchestra
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“Great British Instrumentals Of The 50’s & 60’s”
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Let’s Go Trippin – The Greatest Instrumentals Of The ’60’s

The running times for these CDs are CD1, 58.08; CD2, 58.19 & CD3, 65.06. The music covered comes from 1959 to 1962 and is a real feast. There are numerous favourites and nostalgic numbers and quite a few I have not heard before. Luckily for me I lived through the late 1950s and early 1960s taking an eager interest in the music scene and the weekly charts and new releases.

I do certainly recall Dick Dale’s “Let’s Go TrippIn’ ” (1961), that launched the surf music craze of the early 1960s CD2/16. I cannot ever forget “Stranger on the Shore” by Acker Bilk and do recall watching the weekly teatime serial for which the theme was used. Kenny Ball’s “Midnight in Moscow” was a big hit and had a huge amount of air play for years. Al Caiola and his guitars bring back happy memories of watching Bonanza! in black & white and enjoying every minute. The Fentones did a nifty job on “The Breeze and I” and Arthur Lyman had the “Yellow Bird” flying high. Arthur Lyman was a great jazz vibraphone and marimba player. His group popularised a style of faux-Polynesian music during the 1950s and 1960s which later became known as exotica.
“Bongo, Bongo, Bongo” by Preston Epps reached number 78 on the Billboard 100 in 1960. Epps learned to play percussion instruments, including the bongos while he was in the US forces. His first single for Original Sound Records was “Bongo Rock” in 1959. The tune became a hit in the U.S reaching number 14 on the Billboard 100.
The Frantics or The Four Frantics were a rock n’ roll group based in Seattle, Washington in the 1950s and 1960s and they had several songs on the Billboard 100.
The Ramrods were an instrumental pop group of the late 1950s and 1960s, who had a hit in 1961 with their version of the song “Ghost Riders in the Sky”.
This 75 track set is a real treat for those of us who enjoy instrumentals and there is such a wide range of material included.
The attractive packaging includes cover images for Green Onions, Booker T & the MGs; Riders in the Sky, Zig Zag; Stranger on the Shore, Mr Acker Bilk & Rinky-Dink, Dave Cortez; The Stripper, David Rose; Telstar, The Tornados; Apache, The Shadows; Nut Rocker, B Bumble and the Stingers; Pepe, Duane Eddy; Yellow Bird, Lawrence Welk; The Mexican-Lover’s Guiter-The Breeze and I-Just for Jerry, The Fentones & Dance On-All Day, The Shadows. The sleeve notes are by One Day Music regular Michael Heatley. (C. Fuller, Melody Maker)
trax disc 1:
1. F.B.I. – The Shadows 2. Green Onions – Booker T. & The MG’s 3. Let There Be Drums – Sandy Nelson 4. Stranger On The Shore – Acker Bilk 5. Stick Shift – The Duals 6. Rinky Dink – Dave ‘Baby’ Cortez 7. Quite A Party – The Fireballs 8. Back Beat No.1 – The Rondels 9. Teen Scene – The Hunters 10. On The Rebound – Floyd Cramer 11. The Lonely Bull – Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass 12. Walk, Don’t Run – The Ventures 13. Midnight In Moscow – Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen 14. Gonzo – James Booker 15. Asia Minor – Kokomo 16. Theme From A Summer Place – Percy Faith 17. Teensville – Chet Atkins 18. Beach Party – The Fendermen 19. Image (Part 1) – Hank Levine & Orchestra 20. Beatnick Sticks – Paul Revere & The Raiders 21. Down Yonder – Johnny & The Hurricanes 22. Raunchy – Ernie Fields & His Orchestra 23. Bongo, Bongo, Bongo – Preston Epps 24. Bonanza! – Al Caiola 25. Wheels – The String-A-Longs
trax disc 2:
1. Nut Rocker – B. Bumble & The Stingers 2. Telstar – The Tornados 3. March Of The Siamese Children – Kenny Ball & His Jazzmen 4. Apache – The Shadows 5. The Stripper – David Rose & His Orchestra 6. Perfidia – The Ventures 7. Too Much Tequila – The Champs 8. Loch Lomond Rock – The Ramrods 9. Surfer’s Stomp – The Mar-Kets 10. The Storm – The Hunters 11. Spanish Harlem – Santo & Johnny 12. Shazam – Duane Eddy 13. The Breeze And I – The Fentones 14. Anna – Jorgen Ingmann 15. And Then There Were Drums – Sandy Nelson 16. Let’s Go Trippin’ – Dick Dale 17. My Girl Josephine – Bill Black’s Combo 18. Flying Circle – Frank Slay 19. Wonderland By Night – Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra 20. Yellow Bird – Arthur Lyman 21. Foot-Patter – The Fireballs 22. Last Night – The Mar-Keys 23. Rockin’ Goose – Johnny & The Hurricanes 24. Desafinado – Charlie Byrd & Stan Getz 25. Last Date – Floyd Cramer
trax disc 3:
1. Ghost Riders In The Sky – The Ramrods 2. Pepe – Duane Eddy 3. Let’s Go – The Routers 4. You Can’t Sit Down (Part 1) – Phil Upchurch 5. Dance On – The Shadows 6. Panic Button – The Champs 7. Summertime – Santo & Johnny 8. The Mexican – The Fentones 9. Drummin’ Up A Storm – Sandy Nelson 10. Alley Cat – Bent Fabric 11. High Voltage – Johnny & The Hurricanes 12. Golden Ear-rings – The Hunters 13. Afrikaan Beat – Bert Kaempfert & His Orchestra 14. Love And Fury – The Tornados 15. Bumble Boogie – B. Bumble & The Stingers 16. Walk On The Wild Side – Jimmy Smith 17. Calcutta – Lawrence Welk 18. Shimmy, Shimmy Walk (Part 1) – The Megatons 19. Blue Moon – The Ventures 20. The Magnificent Seven – Al Caiola 21. Night Train – The Viscounts 22. Man Of Mystery – Chet Atkins 23. Werewolf – The Frantics 24. Don’t Be Cruel – Bill Black’s Combo 25. Take Five – Dave Brubeck
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“Let’s Go Trippin'” The Greatest Instrumentals Of The ’60’s
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Best Of – Box Tops

Best Of – Box Tops


01  The Letter
02  Neon Rainbow
03  Happy Times
04  Cry Like A Baby
05  Fields Of Clover
06  Choo Choo Train
07  She Shot A Hole In My Soul
08  People Gonna Talk
09  I Met Her In Church
10  Sweet Cream Ladies, Forward March
11  Together
12  I Must Be The Devil
13  Soul Deep
14  I Shall Be Released
15  Happy Song
16  Turn On A Dream
17  I See Only Sunshine
18  You Keep Tightening Up On Me

Girls Of Rare Rockin’ Records 1

Girls Of Rare Rockin’ Records 1


01  Luckiest Girl In Town – Pat Powdrill
02  Mirror Mirror – Sheila Guthrie
03  Hello Heartbreak – Carol Hughes
04  That’s What I Love About You – Susan Wayne
05  Oh How I Lie – Jane Morgan
06  When Your Talkin’ Love – A.Z. Mortimer
07  Join The World Outside – Carole & Sherry
08  What Mama Don’t Know – Kelli & The Kittens
09  I’m Going With Bobby – Lorna Dune
10  Johnny’s Cash Or Joey’s Love – Margaret Lewis
11  I’m Gonna Tie Him Down – Lacey Jones
12  Nothing Went Right – Lorrie Darnell
13  He’s My True Love – Molly Bee
14  Dear Buddy – Barbara Lyons
15  No Questions Asked – Judy Scott
16  Rain In Lovers Lane – Bertha Colbert
17  I’m Gonna Wish For You – Capri Sisters
18  Two Flights Up – Sherry Sisters
19  Making Believe – Cathy Saunders
20  Patty-Cake Patty-Cake – Eileen Barton
21  Johnny Summertime – Susan Singer
22  Overnight – Toni Carroll
23  Dont Take Your Love – Ruth McFadden
24  A Toy Is Only Made For Play – Tony Wine
25  It Wont Stop Hurtin’ Me – Jean Dushon
26  Perfectly Proportioned – T & T
27  Here Comes The Heartaches – Ginnette Reno
28  I’ll Get You Yet – Robin Hart
29  Even Though – Susan Lynne
30  Dribblin’ Around – Cee Cee Joy
31  It Could Be Sweet Again – Ruth McFadden
32  It’s A Pity To Say Goodnight – Clairette Clementino